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Exterior Property Renovations | Worst House on The Street | Channel 4

"Save money without compromising on the quality"

We’re all in favour of making, inexpensive modifications to our property that will increase its value and improve its appearance. 

In the first episode of “Worst House On The Street” Scarlette Douglas and brother Stuart Douglas, with a combined experience of 15 years in renovating houses, provide some brilliant, tips, tricks and useful ideas, to help renovate a property to a high standard, but with a small budget.

Okay so we know that a neutral, clean and simple interior is attractive to most buyers but what about the outside of your property?

The exterior of a property is sometimes overlooked, and it has a huge impact on the overall look of your home. By updating these elements you can add value to your home, such as:

"Sprucing up the house façade will improve its resale value"

Worst House on the Street - Property Renovations on a Budget

Since the show aired on Tuesday 2nd August we have had so many calls from customers wanting a quote for spraying windows and doors. 

We were surprised as over 90% of them had never heard of spray painting windows and doors before and they were shocked at how low their quote was!

All exterior elements (including downspouts, fascias, soffits and cladding) of a property and some interior elements (such as kitchen cabinets, doors and tiles) can be spray painted for a fraction of the cost of replacements.  


Scarlette Suggests UPVC Spray Painting for Windows and Doors

"UPVC spray painting is a service that has seen a huge rise in demand in recent years, and it is a simple and effective trick to really transform the appearance of a home"

Spray Paint UPVC Windows Rather Than Replace Them

Have you thought about spray painting the windows instead of completely replacing them?

If you spray paint your windows as opposed to completely replace them, you could save up to 80%.


The finish is like for like – you cannot tell that the windows and frames have been sprayed when the job is completed.

UPVC spray painting will boost the curb appeal of any property, with a new, fresh and inviting look.

 According to Scarlette boosting the outside look of your home, or its ‘kerb appeal’ can add as much as 5% to the value of your house.

"If you look at the comparison, it is very difficult to tell the difference between that and changing your windows entirely. But you are saving yourself potentially hundreds of pounds"

The clever technique of spray-painting uPVC windows is utilised to great effect throughout the course of the series. 

To replace the windows during Harry and Yimika’s refurbishment would have required an investment of £4,000, but spray painting them would cost only £800, which is a massive 80% cheaper!

Harry and Yimika choose to go with the colour choice Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 to transform their windows, and we are not at all surprised by this.

In the last 3 years over 75% of our customers have chosen Anthracite Grey for their property renovations, and it is still the most popular renovation colour of 2023.

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exterior property renovations from worst house on the street upvc spray painters

Spray Paint an Unappealing Door

Not only can you update outdated windows by spray painting them, but you can also improve the look of an unappealing door or garage door. 

Even further you can match or complement the colour of your windows, doors and garage doors for a full impact look for your property.

The choice of colour can also play a big part in adding additional value to your property. Scarlette tells us that “having a dark door, whether it’s dark blue, dark grey, just an off-black can add quite a lot of value”. 

This is backed by research that suggests that spray painting your front door blue, from as little as £250 could also boost your property value by around £4,000.

an attractive front door spray painted blue with new brass fitings

An Efficient Renovation

The process of uPVC spray painting uses less resources than when replacing them. 

There is no need for the additional manufacturing of windows and doors, or the disruptive building work that comes along with having them fitted and installed.

We use specially formulated paints to spray uPVC which creates an effective barrier against UV rays, and protects your uPVC from discolouration. 

In addition to all that our guarantee protects all of our paintwork for a minimum of ten years.

It is always more eco-friendly to repair and restore than to chuck away and replace.

Before and after of a house with the upvc windows and door spray painted earlier this year, 2022

Durability of UPVC

UPVC is incredibly durable and resilient and can last for a very long time. 

This tenacity, however is not able to withstand the test of time and will show signs of deterioration over the years. 

The durability of the UPVC paint that we use is unquestionably one of its most attractive qualities. 

Spray painting UPVC doors and windows with is an excellent technique to give them a new look while also extend their lifespan for a minimum of ten years.

What if Your Windows or Doors Are Damaged?

Okay, so lets say the mechanisms of your uPVC windows or door are not working effectively. 

Having them repaired and resprayed may still be a lot cheaper than replacing them.

Well what about if your windows have condensation, in this case and also one of Scarlette’s recommendations is to ‘ditch the glazing’ but keep the frames. 

It is still much cheaper to replace just the glazing within your windows, and simply spray paint the frames.


Why Choose Us:
Dependable UPVC Paint Service

UPVC Spray Painters are the industry leaders when it comes to Spray Coating Renovations, and they have locations all across the UK.

We are an experienced team of spray painters that are skilled in the application of spray coating for commercial and residential properties alike. UPVC spray painting is one of our specialities, but we are able to paint practically any material or surface.

We offer you the most cost-effective alternative for upgrading or rejuvenating your property without the need to replace features. 

This includes windows, doors, garage doors, conservatories, kitchens, exterior walls, and other components, which enables you to save a lot of money on the cost of replacements.

We are able to assist you in selecting the ideal colour scheme for your house and provide guidance about what is now trendy and what is not.

Our Main Focus

We take great pleasure in the satisfaction of our customers, the quality of our work, and our reasonable costs. 

We team up closely with you to bring your ideas to reality, no matter how big or little the project is, whether it’s residential or commercial. 

You will have communication and support with us from the start to the finish of your renovation.

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