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Grey UPVC Windows | 2023 Renovation Trend | Anthracite Grey

Having Grey windows, Grey PVC windows and Grey uPVC windows has become one of the most popular property renovations in the UK over the last few years. So you will have most definitely noticed more and more homes and businesses with grey windows.

We have helped to transform residential and business properties all across the UK. Many of our customers have also changed other elements of their properties to match their windows, such as:​

Let’s look at and answer some popular questions on grey uPVC windows and why Grey has become and remains to be so popular.

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1. What is so Special About Grey?

Grey has become the new white, Grey in particular, is trendy, and it is easy to see why. Halfway between white and black, Grey is the ultimate neutral colour.

Black to White colour palette

When it comes to exterior and interior design, Grey continues to be an almost universally popular palette choice. In addition, this beautiful colour is available in various shades and tones, allowing it to be highly versatile. 

Many high-end structures and luxury buildings integrate Grey into their builds, whether with aluminium windows or grey panels.

Grey aluminium windows and panels

Grey is a soft and sophisticated neutral that appears to be very light when used on exteriors. Regardless of the shade of Grey you choose, they contrast beautifully with brickwork, stonework and render. 

grey upvc windows upvc spray painters
Grey windows contrast beautifully with brickwork

2. Why are Grey Windows so Popular?

There are a number of reasons why Grey Windows and Grey uPVC Windows (and doors) are becoming increasingly popular within the UK:

Grey UPVC window images - Grey windows work well with all styles of property

3. Do Grey UPVC Windows Cost More Than White?

3.2. Why are grey uPVC windows more expensive than white uPVC windows?

3.3. Are grey uPVC windows more expensive than white?

3.4. How much more are GREY uPVC windows?

3.5. Do coloured uPVC windows cost more than white?

This comes down to simple economics. White uPVC is by far the most commonly installed colour, which is why it has always been produced in vast quantities.

Therefore, when supply outstrips, or at the very least meets, demand, the product will always be reasonably priced.

Grey UPVC, on the other hand, is not manufactured in particularly significant quantities. In this case, the demand for grey uPVC far exceeds the available supply.

Therefore, the product is priced accordingly. They easily command between 10% or even up to a 30% premium over white uPVC windows.

Manufacturing & Installing UPVC Windows
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4. Will Grey UPVC windows fade?

4.1. Do spray painted Grey uPVC windows fade?

Modern uPVC units are manufactured so that the colour is diffused into the actual uPVC, making the windows highly resistant to fading. However, some noticeable fading can occur after five years.

Our spray paint is highly resistant to UV, more than uPVC plastic itself so you will not notice any fading on your coloured uPVC windows for a minimum of five years.

close up of grey upvc windows spray painted in anthracite grey

5. Can You Change The Colour of uPVC Windows

5.1. Can I change my white UPVC windows to grey?

5.2. Can you spray white UPVC windows grey?

Absolutely yes and there are a few ways of doing this, by replacing them, hand painting or spray painting them.

Over time, your windows will inevitably demonstrate some signs of weathering and ageing, which can have a dampening effect on your property’s appearance. It is important to maintain the appearance of your property.

Thousands of home and business owners across the UK have chosen Grey for their renovations.

upvc spraying: white upvc windows sprayed in anthracite grey

6. Replacing uPVC Windows

If you intend to replace your windows, you will have to pay more for grey uPVC windows than white uPVC windows.

You would also have to factor in the cost of installing your new windows. Window replacements are more expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming.

For this reason, more and more people are turning to uPVC window painting as an affordable solution that also happens to deliver exceptional results. 

UPVC window painting offers an efficient, economical and beautiful way to amend any cosmetic damage or superficial wear and tear.

replacing upvc windows

7. Hand Painting uPVC Windows

Painting your uPVC windows grey, yourself will save you a fortune rather than replacing them and it will NOT cost any extra if you select Grey.

However, brush painting can leave brush marks and you will not achieve a ‘factory finish’ look. It will also of course require some dedication if you intend on doing it properly, check out our guide How to paint uPVC windows for more information.

Hand Painting uPVC Windows
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8. Spray Painting uPVC Windows

When you choose to spray paint your uPVC windows instead of replacing them, you WILL NOT be paying any extra at all for choosing Grey, or any colour for that matter.

Rather, you will have the choice of an array of colours and three finishes, gloss, satin or matt.

If you cannot find the colour you are looking for on the RAL colour chart, then we can colour match and create a unique shade just for you.

With our state of the art equipment, specially formulated paints and carefully honed techniques, we will work as discreetly and as efficiently as possible – without ever compromising on quality.

This is why it is always recommended that you enlist in the services of our professional spray painters rather than taking on this project yourself.

Once we have completed our work your uPVC windows will look just as flawless as they did on the day they were first installed. You will not be able to tell that they were once white and have been spray painted.

white upvc windows spray painted anthracite grey RAL 7016

9. Can you paint uPVC Window frames grey?

Absolutely yes! As part of our window spray painting service, we spray paint all the areas of the window… except the glass of course so that your windows look like they were originally grey.

Spray painting uPVC window frames and uPVC windows is an efficient way to maintain them and add value and kerb appeal to your property instantly.

upvc window frames spray painted RAL 7016 anthracite grey

10. What Colour are GREY uPVC windows?

The majority of grey uPVC windows that you will see in the UK are Anthracite Grey RAL 7016.  From 2018 and through to 2021, the majority of our customers opted for Anthracite grey windows.

In addition, many of them match their uPVC front door with their windows to create a full and uniform look.

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Full house transformation

11. Do Grey windows add value to a property?

11.1. Do Grey windows increase house value?

In a popular article by House Beautiful thousands of houses across the UK were analysed, and their team found that an increasing number of properties chose ‘Grey’ to increase kerb appeal.

Their studies showed that having Grey windows versus white windows boosted average house prices in the south by an amazing £70,000, compared with an increase of only £37,000 in the north.


Grey windows can add value to your property
Grey windows can add value to your property

If you are considering selling your property then spray painting your windows Grey is an affordable and easy renovation to boost the value of your property. 

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Research also suggests that Spray painting your front door blue, from as little as £250 could also boost your property value by around £4,000, and a white front door could add around £3,400!

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12. What RAL number is Anthracite Grey?

12.1. What colour code is anthracite grey?

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, the HEX code is #353C40 with the RGB values 53, 60, 64 and the LRV for RAL7016 Anthracite Grey is 4.32.

Colour Swatch - RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

13. What is Anthracite Grey?

The colour Anthracite Grey is inspired by a precious variety of carbon/coal used to create energy, named Anthracite. The rock itself is black, with a metallic gloss.

Raw form of anthracite carbon/coal

13.1. What is the difference between Black and Anthracite?

13.2. Is charcoal grey the same as Anthracite?

13.3. Is Anthracite a light grey?

13.4. Is Anthracite Grey or Blue?

Very similar to charcoal grey, Anthracite Grey is a beautifully intense grey, so dark that it appears almost black and with a chalky appearance. Interestingly in natural sunlight it gives off subtle undertones of blue and green.

light grey, anthracite grey , jet black colour swatch

14. Why is Anthracite Grey so popular?

Anthracite Grey is the most popular shade of Grey for use in around properties as well as fashion. Aside from pairing well with all other colours one of the main reasons for its popularity is the big increase in aluminium windows and doors.

Replacing your windows and doors with aluminium is incredibly expensive. Painting and spray painting windows and doors with Anthracite Grey is a more efficient and affordable method to achieve the same look.

Aluminium windows & upvc windows spray painted anthrtacite grey

15. Should I get Anthracite Grey windows?

15.1. Does Anthracite Grey go with white?

grey-upvc-windows-does-anthracite-grey-go-with-white beforegrey-upvc-windows-does-anthracite-grey-go-with-white after

Anthracite grey is versatile and sits beautifully alongside brick, stone or render of any colour, especially white. When paired with other colours, Anthracite Grey has a soft contrast and compliments a contemporary or modern abode and more traditional properties.

Anthracite grey is versatile and sits beautifully alongside brick, stone or render of any colour

Anthracite grey is neutral and allows you to easily achieve a minimalist aesthetic. In addition, the softness of the hue ensures that your property’s exterior façade looks comforting and welcoming rather than dreary and cold.

If you want to modernise your property and give it a timeless look then Anthracite Grey is a great colour choice. Many homeowners opt to spray paint both grey windows and doors, for an overall coherent look.

Anthracite grey windows

There are some other stunning shades of grey that can achieve the same sophisticated look as Anthracite Grey.

You may also notice Black uPVC windows as black windows and doors are becoming an increasingly popular trend.

16. What are the most popular shades of grey for uPVC windows, uPVC window frames and doors?

Top 7 Popular Shades of Grey for Grey uPVC Windows and Doors in 2021

Popular shades of grey for upvc windows & doors
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