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Spray Painting Kitchens: What Kind of Spray Paint to use on Kitchen Cabinets

Over time, your kitchen cabinets are exposed to various environments and conditions, including moisture, humidity, heat and grease. 

In many cases your cupboards, cabinets and draws still function perfectly, however due to regular conditions they fade and loose their lustre. A replacement can become expensive, and refitting can cause a disruption to you general day to day routine.

However, having your kitchen cabinets professionally spray-painted is an economical and effective way to give your kitchen cabinets a new lease on life. Whilst also dramatically enhance the appearance of your kitchen as a whole.

1. Achieving the Perfect Finish

When spraying kitchen cupboards and cabinets, knowing what kind of spray paint to use and apply is important if you want to ensure a perfect finish and flawless coverage. 

In the case of kitchen cabinets, there would be a universal solvent-based paint or solvent-based paint specifically formulated for the surface that needs to be painted.

If you are considering painting a few kitchen cabinets then you need a tough modified alkyd paint, however, keep in mind that this will not cover a great surface area.

2. Paints You Should Avoid

Each type of paint, whether it is solvent-based, acrylic or oil, is formulated differently. Because of the formulation, acrylic and oil paints should be avoided when painting any kitchen cabinets made from plastic, acrylic or vinyl. This is because these paints can’t adhere properly to the cabinet surface. 

This dramatically reducing the quality of the finish, the vibrancy and lustre of the colour, and the durability of the paint itself. 

In certain situations, acrylic and oil paints can be applied successfully to timber cabinets. Even then, however, the cabinet’s surfaces will have to be thoroughly sanded to remove the protective top coat from the last time it was painted. 

The topcoat is repellent to water as well as oil. So acrylic and oil paints won’t bond properly to the surface unless it is removed first.

3. Why Solvent-Based Paints?

Alternatively, solvent-based paint can be used universally on timber, plastic, acrylic and vinyl cabinets. These paints are the preferred option because they don’t require any prior preparation – they’ll adhere to the surface without extensive sanding.
kitchen cupboards and draws spraye painted grey

4. Can You Paint Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes absolutely. 

Generally, glossy cabinets are regarded as more complex and complicated to paint because it is assumed that paints won’t adhere enough to the surface. However, as specialists in our respective fields, we can effectively paint any surface. 

We would need to prepare the surface beforehand by sanding it adequately and ensuring that the paint will bond as strongly as possible, delivering flawless results every time. 

5. Experienced and Qualified Specialist Painters

We always recommended that you enlist in the services of reputable and trustworthy professionals. Our methods are discreet but effective. 

With our bespoke services creating the kitchen you have always dreamed of has never been more accessible, affordable and effortless. 

Committed to fulfilling a standard of excellence in our work, we will not only meet but will exceed your every expectation. 

Painting kitchen cabinets can be a lengthy and challenging process if you decide to do it yourself. If you do wish to take on this enormous task then you will find everything you need to know in our helpful step-by-step guide, how to paint kitchen cupboards.

Our professional spraying team use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality paints. The paints, specially formulated, adhere to various surfaces and withstand frequent usage and changing environments. 

Our specialist paints also ensure optimum colour stability and resistance to damage. Once we have sprayed your kitchen, your cabinets, cupboards, and doors will have a new lifespan – so that you don’t need to replace them for a very long time.

If you you’re in need of “professional spray painting kitchen cabinets near me“, as a Nationwide service we can help you.

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