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3 Ways to Change the Colour of UPVC Windows in 2023

1. Change the Colour of UPVC Windows

BEFORE changing the colour with uPVC spraying
AFTER changing the colour with uPVC spraying

Changing the colour of uPVC windows is an easy way to modernise and update your property.  You can also change the colour of your uPVC doors to match the coloured uPVC windows for a coherent look.

Depending on the method you choose to colour your windows and doors you can transform your property in as little as a few days.

2. Why are Coloured UPVC Windows and Doors so Popular?

Coloured UPVC Windows and Doors is a hot renovation and on Trend for 2023.

Having coloured UPVC Windows and Doors, especially in Grey, will quickly transform your property’s appearance and increase your property’s value! This fairly simple yet effective renovation has become a growing trend and keen favourite across the UK, especially in 2023. 

3. Why Colour Change UPVC Windows

There are a few different reasons why you may want to change colour of uPVC windows and doors. 

– Your current uPVC is showing signs or wear and tear, has discoloured or faded. 

– You may simply wish to update the colour to match your property or style, 

– You are selling the property and wish to increase its value.

4. Choice of Colours

When you colour change uPVC windows and doors, you have the ability to choose from a wide array of colour swatches such as RAL, Farrow & Ball and Dulux. 

So you can choose a colour scheme to complement your type and style of property. If you want to know the best trending colours or need a little help to match the style of your property then consult with our team of experts.

From our experience, we can definitely tell you that grey windows complement every type, style and colour of property that we have transformed.

5. How do I Change the Colour of my Windows and Doors

If your uPVC windows and doors are in perfect working order and are not damaged then a replacement is unnecessary.

There are three methods that you can use to colour change uPVC windows and doors, but it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not all equal in terms of longevity and aesthetic value. 

In this article, we’ll be going through each of these methods so that you can select the one which will deliver your desired results and requirements. 

6. 3 Methods to Achieve Coloured UPVC Windows and Doors

1: Liquid Dip - Coloured UPVC Windows and Doors

Liquid dip is an air-drying rubber coating that is commonly used in the automotive industry. It can be sprayed directly onto plastics such as UPVC and it is flexible and peel-able. 

The reason that liquid dip is such a popular choice is that it comes in a can and can be easily sprayed onto any plastic surface. 

This would seem especially convenient for people who want to do the job themselves, considering that if you make a mistake you can simply peel the liquid dip away and start again.

However liquid dip is a fairly expensive material, and the finish isn’t particularly attractive – it’s rubbery to the touch and in appearance. 

Whilst it is relatively smooth with a professional application, liquid dip isn’t durable and it isn’t resistant to abrasion or friction. This means that for moving features such as windows and doors, it’s a less than ideal option. 

When it comes to practicality, aesthetic and longevity – there are much better alternatives.

2: Vinyl Wrap - Coloured UPVC Windows and Doors

Vinyl wrap was primarily used for cars before, recently vinyl wrap for uPVC window frames and windows became a trend. At first glance, it seems to be a legitimate alternative for enhancing the appearance of uPVC. 

Many wrapping companies have provided their services to homeowners who want to upgrade and colour change their windows and doors.

Vinyl wraps are applied to uPVC windows with powerful adhesives and are available in a wide range of colours. They rapidly transform the appearance of a property without any of the surface preparation or drying times required for spray painting. 

Vinyl Wrap is supplied on rolls and you would need to get the 3M high-quality stuff, which is hundreds per roll! You then have to calculate labour costs and wrapping a window takes around 3-4 hours. So, for example, to transform the windows of a house, it would take around 4 days!


3: Spray Painting - Coloured UPVC Windows and Doors

Having your uPVC window frames, uPVC windows and uPVC doors sprayed will prolong the life of your existing uPVC. Spray painting will also enhance the exterior features of a property and completely transform its appearance. 

When applied professionally, high-quality spray paint ensures a long-lasting, even and faultless application that will make your doors and windows indistinguishable from the day they were first installed. 

Moreover, spray paint bonds firmly to the surface of the uPVC or any material, so it isn’t affected by movement, weathering or frequent and prolonged usage.

To ensure a flawless, perfect finish, enlisting professional painters is key. Spray painting UPVC is best done by professionals because it requires specialist paints and technical equipment. 

Professional spray painting is much more affordable than vinyl wrapping and window replacements. 

On average, a professionally sprayed window costs £150, and a door costs around £250. With the method of spray painting, coloured uPVC windows and doors are not limited to a small range of colours.  

There is an array of colours to choose from; take a look at our colour charts. The most popular colour choice in 2023, to colour change uPVC windows and doors is Anthracite Grey, with Jet Black now in second place. Anthracite Grey was ranked the most popular colour in 2022 and 2021.

By far, spray painting your uPVC doors and windows is the most effective, affordable, durable and aesthetic method to choose.

7. Boost your Property Value

You can boost the value of your property with coloured uPVC windows and doors

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