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UPVC Spray Painting vs UPVC Window Wrapping

When compared to other materials for the construction of windows, the modern and thermally efficient credentials of uPVC means that it has emerged as a trendy option for residential and commercial properties. As well as being an affordable, low-maintenance and effective insulator, it can be tailored to achieve several colours and finishes.  


There are several ways in which uPVC windows can be cosmetically enhanced, with two particularly prominent methods being spray painting and vinyl wrapping. Each of these methods produces different results, but aesthetic and application spray painting is the superior option by far when it comes to longevity. 


In the following article, we will look at the pros and cons of each of these methods. In addition, we are demonstrating why spray painting is so much more affordable, long-lasting and convenient than window wrapping.

Can You Wrap UPVC Windows?

Vynil wrap was primarily used for cars before, recently vinyl wrap for uPVC window frames and windows became a trend. At first glance, it seems to be a legitimate alternative for enhancing the appearance of uPVC. Many wrapping companies have provided their services to homeowners who want to upgrade their doors and windows. 

Vinyl wraps are applied to uPVC windows with powerful adhesives and are available in a wide range of colours. They’re meant to rapidly transform the appearance of a property without any of the surface preparation or drying times required for spray painting. 

Of course, refurbishing any element of your property is a significant investment. However, vinyl wrapping typically isn’t the long-term solution that you would expect of a substantial renovation project.


Is Window Wrapping A Viable Option?

The issue with vinyl wrapping is that it is a costly service, but the vinyl itself rarely lasts for more than five years. Compared to other methods, it’s only effective as a temporary solution for changing the appearance of your UPVC windows. The vinyl wrap does not bond as strongly with UPVC surfaces, even with the assistance of adhesives. With time moisture will gather underneath the surface and begin to lift it from the UPVC. 

When this happens, the vinyl wrap or the foil-wrapped UPVC windows will have to be replaced. Doing this every five years is far from ideal because any type of home renovation project is time-consuming and expensive. As a customer, you want to be assured that the work on your property will last as long as possible without requiring further renovation any time soon. UPVC spray painting is a significantly longer-lasting and more durable alternative.

UPVC Window Frame Wrap Costs

When wrapping your windows with vinyl, you’re going to have to ensure that you purchase only the finest quality vinyl to deliver the expected results. Unfortunately, a vinyl of this calibre will be expensive; buying it by the roll can rapidly build up the costs. A single roll could potentially set you back by hundreds of pounds, and this is excluding the additional expense of labour when it comes to applying the vinyl to your existing windows.

If you intend on doing the work yourself, one window can take up to three to four hours to wrap. Therefore, it will take a considerably long time and much effort to complete all of your windows. 

When hiring a professional, then of course, your quotes will vary. Keep in mind that the highest quality vinyl will not last more than five years. Spray paint, however, will permanently adhere to and change the colour of your UPVC windows, lasting a minimum of ten years guaranteed.

The Cost of UPVC Window Spray Painting

On average, having your UPVC windows spray-painted, costs around £150 per window. By far, spray painting your UPVC windows is the most effective, affordable, durable and aesthetic method. You can select any colour from the RAL colour chart and complete the look with 3 different finishes. All in all, prolonging the life of your home’s features and completely transforming your property’s appearance.  

This is because spray painting UPVC windows don’t take as long for professional painters as it would to wrap them with vinyl, considerably reducing the amount of labour required. Material costs are also lower because professional painters will purchase their specially formulated paints from specialist suppliers and incorporate this into the quote for the entire project.

Professional Spray Painting Services

When applied professionally, spray painting ensures a long-lasting, even and faultless application that will make your windows indistinguishable from the day they were first installed. What’s more, spray paint bonds firmly to the surface of the UPVC, so it is not affected by movement, weathering or frequent and prolonged usage.

To ensure a flawless factory finish, you should enlist the services of professional painters. Spray painting UPVC is a difficult task because it requires specialist paints, technical equipment and extensive experience. And even when a professional painter comes in to do the job, it is so much more cost-effective than vinyl wrapping, lasting twice as long. 

In conclusion, spray painting UPVC windows comes with all of the benefits of window vinyl wrapping and none of the disadvantages. It achieves a flawless application, vibrant colour and unparalleled longevity. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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