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Black UPVC Windows & Doors

For residents in the United Kingdom, UPVC continues to be the most popular choice for windows and conservatories, it is durable and easy to maintain. When compared to timber and aluminium windows, uPVC is a more cost effective and economical option.

4 Great reasons why upvc double glazing is so popular

UPVC windows can also be found in an impressive variety of colours, hues and finishes and easily matched with traditional or modern properties.

1. Efficient uPVC Windows

Typically, a window’s efficiency is measured with the U-factor or the U-value. The higher the measure of U-factor or U-value, the lower the ability of the window to capture heat and insulate your home. 

If you purchase uPVC windows, choose ones with the lowest possible U-factor or U-value so you can make significant savings on your heating bills.

Another useful measure of a window’s efficiency is the number of panes. The more panes your window has, the more effective it will insulate your home. For example, triple-pane windows will usually have a U-factor in the region of 0.15, whilst double-pane windows will probably have a value of 0.30.

showing how the u-value / u-factor is calculated & determined

2. A Contemporary & Stylish Solution

Black uPVC windows, in particular, have become increasingly prevalent in 2021 for residential and commercial properties alike. Black has long been associated with modern architecture and contemporary minimalism. Black windows effectively deliver impact and value. 

The demand for coloured uPVC windows, particularly dark colours has risen over the last five years. In response, manufacturers have formulated hundreds of colours created especially for uPVC, casement windows. With a colour as striking as black, you can enhance your home’s personality, appeal, and character.

spraying upvc windows
The white render and black upvc windows have given this traditional house a modern look

3. How can I get Black uPVC Windows & Doors?

If you are considering having black windows or doors, then there are a few ways to achieve this:

1 - Replacement

If your windows and door are in perfect working order and not damaged, then a replacement may be an unnecessary cost. Not to mention the build work and disruption that come along with replacing all of your uPVC windows.

Replacing upvc windows for black upvc windows is a long and costly solution

2 - Foiling

A synthetic foil is applied to the uPVC frame and then heated to bond firmly to the surface. The technology used for this method certainly achieves a long-lasting and resilient finish. Still, the range of shades and hues you can select from is somewhat limited.

3 - Spray Painting

Spray painting is incredibly convenient. It’s cost-effective, and efficient and great to colour change uPVC windows. For anyone thinking of repainting their windows, you will have the freedom to select from a vast spectrum of black hues and shades. 

If you cannot find your perfect colour, then a bespoke colour can be mixed for you. Spray painting achieves a beautiful, flawless finish and unparalleled longevity when done professionally.

Replacing upvc windows for black upvc windows is a long and costly solution

4. Will Painting Affect the Quality of my uPVC Windows?

No, a poor paint job done by hand will only affect the appearance of your windows. Still, it cannot affect the quality of the uPVC windows themselves. 

Similarly, spray painting cannot affect the quality or efficiency of the uPVC windows. It will only enhance the appearance of your uPVC windows.

5. Are Black uPVC Windows Still Efficient?

The colour of your uPVC windows will not impact their overall efficiency. This is because repainting your uPVC windows involves applying several coats of paint over and onto the window frame. So you can be assured that the heat-insulating properties of your windows will not be affected at all.

close up of upvc windows spray painted in jet black

6. The Costs of Black uPVC Windows

6.1. Are Black uPVC Windows More Expensive Than White uPVC Windows?

The cost of black windows depends on your method to obtain them. Ultimately, several factors will influence the price you pay for black uPVC windows:

  • Size of the windows – Essentially, the larger the window frame, the more it will cost to purchase or repaint it.
  • The shape of the windows – When purchasing windows, it’s essential to remember that they come in various forms with a range of openings.
  • Pieces of glass per window – usually, you can decide how many pieces of glass you want in your window, depending on your stylistic preferences and your budget.
  • Choice of double glazing or triple glazing.
upvc window profiles

Method 1 – The cost of replacing your current uPVC for black uPVC windows

White uPVC windows are the cheapest option because they are the ‘standard’ colour. However, there is a considerable demand for colours such as black and grey, which means they are more competitively priced. 

Replacing a single standard white uPVC window of approximately 900mm x 1200mm will cost on average between £400 and £600. So you can expect to pay an additional 10-15% for black uPVC windows to be fitted.

Also, consider the labour costs, build work and length of installation time.

Method 2 – The cost of hand painting your uPVC windows

Hand painting your uPVC windows black is by far the cheapest option. However, it would help if you considered:

  • the time it would take to complete
  • the preparation needed before painting
  • the high chance of an imperfect paint job

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but even a skilled painter would find it difficult to achieve a perfect finish when using a brush or roller.

Method 3 – The cost of spray painting your uPVC window

Spray painting a single uPVC window of approximately 900mm x 1200mm will cost around £150, a more affordable option. The specialist paints also have a protective UV coating that will prolong your uPVC windows’ lifespan. 

Also, consider lower labour costs; NO build work is required, and the length of time to complete can be as little as a day! 

The more windows and other elements you have sprayed when you opt for spray painting, the better and cheaper the quote.

7. Popular shades of black for uPVC Windows

We can mix a bespoke colour for your renovation, or you can choose from a spectrum of black, including shades and hues such as;

popular black shades & hues for upvc windows & doors

Most of our customers who have had their uPVC windows sprayed black have opted for Jet Black RAL 9005. This is because it provides a more striking effect on the property’s appearance.

upvc windows & upvc door spray painted in Jet black ral 9005 - creating a bold contrast against the render

Anthracite Grey is our customers’ most favoured colour in 2020 and 2021. Anthracite Grey is so intense that it almost appears black depending on the surrounding lighting. 

Some of our customers opted for dual colour options and used Anthracite Grey for their uPVC windows and Jet Black for their Doors.

8. Black uPVC Door

Many of our customers tend to have their windows and doors sprayed together at the same time. As you can imagine this completes the renovation somewhat more than just having your windows sprayed. It provides a fresh and new appearance to the entire property.

As well as black uPVC windows, black uPVC doors have become quite trendy through 2021, across the UK.

patio doors spray painted in jet black ral 9005

9. Professional Spray Painting Service

We are experts in the industry and are committed to delivering flawless results through our spray painting services. Our meticulous preparation and professional techniques will always ensure a perfect finish. 

If you wish to have your uPVC windows spray-painted black or a quick respray on your door, we can offer you a competitive price. We can guarantee outstanding results along with fantastic customer service.

For a free no-obligation quote, simply fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, click on the number below to speak to one of our expert team members.

10. Add Value to your Property

Research suggests that Spray painting your front door blue, from as little as £250 could also boost your property value by around £4,000, and a white front door could add around £3,400!

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