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Window Replacement Costs in 2022: How to Save Thousands on Windows

1. What is the Average Window Replacement Cost?

Window Replacements Costs have risen and fallen over the years due to the various options and types of windows and window frames available. 

Answering this question requires careful consideration, due to the number of different variables which can contribute to the final price. 

Installing UPVC frames fitted with double-glazing, for example, would cost in the region of £4000 to £7,500 for an average three-bedroom house.

This cost will of course be affected by such factors as the cost of the materials, the scope of the project as well as the intensity of the labour required. 

Having an installation professional assess your property in person is the only way to ensure a truly accurate quote.

To summarise the average cost of a single window replacement would be anything between £500 – £3,200. 

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2. Why Would You Need New Windows?

When it comes to enhancing the curb appeal, aesthetic impact and resale value of your home, maintaining the exterior facade of your property is essential to this. Over time the effects of weathering, exposure and usage can result in your windows’ appearance becoming discoloured, flaky and dull and impacting the overall appeal of your home.

Many homeowners decide to invest in a complete window replacement in order to address this problem. Replacing your property’s windows can also increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce heating bills by providing further insulation. 

If you’re considering a window replacement, it is important to research the extent of the financial investment which will be required, which will be affected by a range of factors. These include:

• Frame style
• Size and number of windows
• Materials used for the frame
• Double vs triple glazing
• Planning permission (if necessary)
• Scaffolding (again, if necessary)
• Installation costs

It is important to know that there are other options available, such as spray painting windows. If you simply want to change or update the aesthetics of your property or you have some minor repairs to take care of , then this may be more suited to you than completely replacing your windows.

3. The Size and Number of Windows to be Replaced

Inevitably, the more work there is the more the overall cost for the project will rise. If you happen to possess a larger property which has a proportionate amount of windows, then you can expect to pay significantly more. For example, whilst a terraced house typically has 6-8 windows, semi-detached homes can have 10-20, and with detached properties this can vary from 10 to more than 30 windows.

4. Type of Material for Replacement Windows

Whilst the number and dimensions of your windows have to be factored into the cost of a window replacement, so do the materials which are used for the window frames. You can choose from UPVC, uPVC casement windows, aluminium windows, aluminium frames and timber. Also the number of glazing plays a part in the cost.

UPVC is usually the cheapest option and timber is significantly more expensive, with materials such as aluminium and metal being somewhere between these two. For example, the upper estimate for replacing a 1200×1200 mm uPVC window is approximately £900, for aluminium this rises to £1000 and for timber it could potentially cost up to £1500.

upvc window profiles

5. Style, Colour and Finish

Window replacements are meant to enhance the aesthetic impact of your home, and whilst there are a range of window styles, colours and finishes to choose from, each one will have a different effect upon the price you will pay.

There are many styles of windows, with some of them being more affordable than others. There are plain and leaded glass, georgian bar glass, casement, dual turn, bay, sash and bow windows. Generally, casement windows are the more affordable option (£500-£1250) whilst sash and bay windows will cost 50% and 100% more than this, respectively.

Moreover, certain colours and finishes will be more expensive than others. With UPVC, white is the cheapest option and particular colours will cost more or less depending on their availability and application.

6. Look for a Transparent and Accurate Quote

Making sure that your chosen supplier provides you with a transparent and comprehensive breakdown of the total cost will ensure that you aren’t surprised by any hidden or unexpected expenses. When you receive a quote or an estimation for your window replacement, it would be worthwhile to keep a checklist for the following things:

  • A complete technical property survey
  • Size, style and colour of frames
  • Materials used for the frames
  • Type of glass which will be fitted
  • Window energy rating for the glass
  • Window furniture, handles and fixtures
  • Installation costs
  • Disposal of old windows

7. Conclusion

Replacing your windows is a significant and long-term investment that will have a massive impact on the appeal and value of your property. It makes sense to carefully consider every factor which will affect the cost so that you can have an approximate estimation in your mind when you start looking for quotes. 

Of course, the final price will depend entirely on a range of independent and individual variables which are unique to you and your property. It is always recommended that you consult various companies in order to ensure that you receive the results you want at the most reasonable price.

Other methods such as Spray Painting your windows could save you up to 80%. Our spraying service is backed by over 300 5-star reviews on Google, Yell and Facebook. So unless you need to upgrade to double or triple glazing then spraying your white uPVC is by far a more cost-effective and efficient option.

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