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Modern Kitchen Design 2022

A Guide to Styling Your Kitchen

1. The Heart of the Home

A kitchen is multi-functional, it is where you prepare meals, gather with family and friends to eat and host festive occasions, even studying or working from home. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

The kitchen is a vital focal point within our homes. It needs to reflect our personality and preferences whilst being practical and functional. It should extend who you are and accommodate everything you expect from this space. 

There is always room for some creative inspiration. So we have written this comprehensive and helpful guide outlining the most stylish and popular kitchen trends expected to dominate interior design in 2022.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism has been one of the most enduring and lasting trends in contemporary interior design, and it’s not going to be disappearing any time soon. It brings together monochromes, muted pastels and earthy palettes for subtle and understated glamour. 

The purpose of minimalism is to keep your spaces as uncluttered and spacious as possible. It is the perfect aesthetic for a modern kitchen and incredibly practical. 

Achieving this aesthetic isn’t complicated or expensive either. You can create a minimalist kitchen, for example, with white cabinets, which will provide a sleek and smooth finish whilst also offering you plenty of kitchen storage space. 

minimalist kitchen CREDIT: Pinterest Brigitte Romandry

Installing or repainting your in-built cabinets, and then using them to store away your dinnerware and appliances so that your surfaces can be kept clear when they’re not being used. This will ensure the optimum functionality which minimalism is known for.

The beauty of minimalism is that it can transform any space into one which is spacious, light and airy. This even applies to small galley kitchens. Minimalism is an attractive choice for limited spaces such as these. It is all about compact and simple designs that give the illusion of more space even when there is not. 

The minimalist aesthetic celebrates innovative concealed storage solutions under sink storage, integrated cabinets, built-in shelves, or corner pull-outs. By painting everything so that it is uniform in colour, you will indeed be able to make the most of any space, no matter how humble it is.

small white minimalist kitchen CREDIT: Pinterest Klara Cechova

3. Kitchen Islands

When browsing through any interior design magazine or furniture catalogue, you’re bound to see kitchen islands. An island is essentially a collection of free-standing cabinets installed in your kitchen. 

When matched to your in-built cabinets, cupboards and shelves, islands are a brilliant way for you to introduce more storage space whilst elevating the style of your kitchen.

An excellent option for larger kitchens; kitchen islands make excellent use of any space and substitute a preparation surface, a dining table or even a work desk. What’s more, you can even decide to have your hob or cooker installed on your island as well. 

Doing this will free up valuable space on your kitchen worktops, giving you a much greater surface area to place your appliances and prepare your meals. 

kitchen island CREDIT:

4. Hot Water Taps

At first, the concept of opening a tap and getting boiling water sounds like something from the future. However, the truth is that hot water taps are an exciting technology that has been around for some time and are becoming increasingly commonplace. Furthermore, this modern and pioneering solution lends itself perfectly to minimalism. It is practical as much as it is luxurious. 

In seconds, a hot water tap can provide you with hot, cold and boiling water. You will no longer need to rely on a kettle or hob to heat your water, saving you time and precious worktop space as well as being more energy-efficient. Overall, a hot water tap will allow you to streamline your kitchen activities with the incredible convenience it offers.

hot water tap CREDIT:

5. Creative Colour Palettes

Minimalism continues to be one of the defining trends in modern interior design 2022. One of the most distinctive characteristics of minimalist interiors is monochromatic and neutral colour palettes. These colours would include black, beige, browns, pastels, and white – a colour that is especially prominent in most minimalist interiors. 

Of course, a modernist palette provides you with the perfect canvas to introduce elements of excitement and interest through accent colours and complementary shades. 

For example, pastels hues such as light blues, subtle greens and baby pinks are an effective way for you to bring in a pop of colour to your walls, cabinets or appliances without overwhelming the lightness and spaciousness of your predominantly neutral kitchen.

On the other hand, if you aspire for a more dramatic flair or want to experiment a little, then a bold and vibrant accent colour is the way to go. The accent colour can be anything from a deep sage green or an intense navy blue, to a bright and cheerful canary yellow or brilliant red. Colourful and vivid tiles are another way to incorporate some exciting splashes of colour.

bold colour CREDIT:

6. Choose any Colour

A minimalist kitchen can be matched with virtually any colour, shade or hue, and it is completely up to you whether you want to go for a complementary and balanced palette or something which is more striking and high-contrast. 

Minimalist styles are especially suited to two-tone palettes because of the natural focus on the cabinets and shelves, so you could perhaps combine lighter cabinets with dark worktops, or contrast your kitchen walls with the rest of your kitchen.

7. Spray Paint your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Spray-painting is an excellent way for you to completely transform your kitchen’s appearance and aesthetic, whether you want to paint your cabinets, worktops or walls. There are truly no limitations on the colours, shades and hues you can choose from. As a result, it really has never been easier for you to style the kitchen the way you have always wanted.

8. Nature Inspired

Another way to style your kitchen is by incorporating natural materials, textures and furnishings into your kitchen. For example, wooden cabinets and worktops are an excellent way to create an environmentally conscious and nature-inspired kitchen. 

By bringing together components such as natural wooden cabinets, solid wood dining furniture, indoor plants as well as metallic and glass accents, you can bring together a space which is as comfortable as it is practical.

eco style kitchen design CREDIT:

Speaking of indoor plants, you can grow some fragrant herbs and beautiful flowers to use in your cooking if your kitchen receives enough light. Suppose, however, you do not have much natural light. In that case, you can still bring a touch of greenery to your space with faux plants, which will complement and enhance your natural furnishings.

natural furnishings & greenery - kitchen design CREDIT:

9. Metallic Finishings

Balancing your kitchen with metallic finishings is a style tip that is impossible to go wrong with. The aesthetic styles of minimalism, vibrant colours or natural décor and the sparkling warmth of metallics such as brass, copper and rose-gold reflect off each other and enhance the beauty of one another, creating an amazing compliment. 

Brass and gold work wonderfully with earth tones, whilst copper and rose-gold are perfect for the subtlety and luxuriousness of a white scheme.

metallic details CREDIT: left - right -

Overall, metallic finishings are the perfect choice to accentuate your kitchen, and metallic colours such as gold, rose-gold, brass and copper are more popular than ever within the world of interior design. 

Whatever colour you decide to choose, a metallic finishing is one of the most effective ways you can bring balance and elegance to your kitchen with a splash of sparkling colour and refined sophistication.

metallic finishing CREDIT:

10. Transforming Your Kitchen

Our homes are places for us to be ourselves, where we are most comfortable and truly feel like we belong. By incorporating some of the trends and styles mentioned in this guide, you can elevate your kitchen. Take your space from being just functional and practical to becoming a source of inspiration, motivation and utter tranquillity. 

An affordable and effective way to transform your kitchen is by having your cupboards and cabinets spray-painted through professional services. Compared to a complete replacement, you will save approximately 80%, and the results will be just as exceptional. 

The money you save can then be used on other elements, such as hot water taps, textured worktops, bold tiles, metallic finishings and natural furnishings, to create a space which is truly yours and your alone. 

11. Stay on Trend and Respray your Kitchen

It has never been easier to have a new kitchen, and without the build work and disruption. We guarantee our paintwork for ten years and produce outstanding results along with fantastic customer service.

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