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We have answered a list of popular questions to provide you with more information about uPVC spray painting.

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Upvc is not plastic (although referred to as a type of plastic) uPVC is made from a vinyl polymer which is bound to chlorine atoms, this is why ordinary plastic paints will not adhere for longevity. 

Yes! You can paint uPVC or (also known as PVC). When done correctly, it will make your windows and doors look brand new! Having your uPVC spray painted by professionals will ensure an even coat across the material with a flawless factory finish.

We have developed our very own paints, specially designed to bond with upvc while considering factors such as UV damage and general wear and tear. These paints do not crack or peel when applied correctly and are backed by our ten-year guarantee.

With over 50 years in the paint industry, our paint suppliers have been the source for many windows manufactures. So it is fair to say that a great experience supports us and our paints.

Our specialist paints have a ten-year guarantee; from cracking and peeling. We also guarantee no colour fading for five years.

UPVC has a non-porous finish, which means you need to use a paint that will stick to the surface, rather than get absorbed by it as wood does. UPVC paints are usually quite thick, and in most cases, good quality paint will need thinning out to go through a spray gun to be applied. Solvent-based paints are popular paints as the solvents evaporate in the air and the paints harden onto the uPVC as a solid rather than covering over as a layer. Our paint is a ‘2 pack paint’ which means that you add the hardener to activate the paint, ensuring a firm adherence. You must be careful when picking your paints as any completed job will look great when first done, but over time, you will start to see defects and issues.

A list of UK’s 3 Top Leading Paints can be found here.

You can choose from an infinite selection of RAL colours, or even create your bespoke colour with the help of our colour matching service.

Our paints are designed to be applied on composite doors. Composite doors are made up of a variety of materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP. GRP is also known as fibreglass. The fibres may be randomly arranged, flattened into a sheet, or woven into the fabric, this is then used to create an exterior door and will be the surface that is spray painted.

Yes! The preparation process will depend on the type and condition of the aluminium window frames. Aluminium windows and frames are usually powder coated. Some have a chalky surface, which would need further preparation before painting. Either way, we can paint them, leaving a flawless finish. Please check out our paint products. 

Yes, due to supply and demand window fitting companies will charge you a small premium for coloured upvc windows such as Grey, Black or Anthracite. Our price will not be affected by your colour choice, and in fact, we help you create a colour scheme to match your property at no extra charge.

Yes, absolutely! Frames made from all types of material can be spray painted. The procedure is precisely the same. Spray painting will ensure that the paint reaches every possible crack and crevice, leaving a flawless finish.

Clear the area and then clean the frames, de-grease the uPVC and remove any contaminants. Mask the areas not to be sprayed. Lightly scotch the structures (crucial to ensure that the paint adheres, correctly). Clean the uPVC again and then spray two coats of the selected colour. Please see our uPVC painting steps for a full breakdown

Yes! We have paint for practically any material or surface. Many of our customers have their windows painted A customer had their shop front windows spray painted black, to match their deco theme and also for privacy.

Highly cost-effective, uPVC spraying is around 75% cheaper than replacing. Please take a look at our cost page for more information on UPVC Spray painting vs UPVC Replacement.

Absolutley yes! Updating and modernising your house in the right ways will add value. Making your house more inviting to potential buyers always helps a sale

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we provide a trustworthy and reliable service

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