Showroom Rebranding


PROJECT 1 - Wolverhampton
Industrial Painting

Customer Requirements

The Car Shop site was constantly busy. With continuous activity and various contractors working in and around the buildings on a daily basis.

We had to work alongside all the daily activities to ensure that the project was completed within the anticipated time frame and handover deadline.

Access solutions were provided to safely access all hard to reach areas without issues as the steel poles were high and in awkward areas.

Project Specifications

  • Cladding 1,215.8m2 – Front 144.8m2 
  • Curtain wall 
  • 16 windows scattered
  • Canopy 2430m2 underneath canopy roof
  • Roof steels 7121 linear meters for the canopy + sales tower
  • Cladding 795m2
  • 3 Doors
  • 4 Windows

Work Undertaken

Processes Used for Project 1 and 2







Paper & Masking



Base Coat

Top Coat


PROJECT 2 - Leighton Buzzard
Commercial Painting


Customer Requirements

Motor dealership CarShop contacted UPVC Spray Painters following a significant rebrand. Opening their second Express branch in Leighton Buzzard, their trading premises needed an essential refurbishment to welcome customers and introduce them to the new brand.

Work Undertaken


Additional Works

An additional building on-site had new panels installed, which were, unfortunately, the wrong colour. Therefore, to satisfy our client and ensure a cohesive brand, we sprayed an additional 160msq cladding to match the colour that we had used on all other site areas. Although the additional respray was a last-minute decision, we completed the respray within our original project time frame.

Professional Finish

Our client was delighted with the overall project and extra works carried out. As on-site spray painting contractors we offer the upmost professional service and will always go above and beyond to ensure that the client is satisfied. We repaired and resprayed the cladding, providing an enhanced protection for the building, with a guarantee of 15 years on our work.

Services Provided

Cladding Repair, Corrosion Treatment, Dilapidation,  Cladding Cleaning, On Site Spraying, Powder Coatings, Car Showroom Spraying, Shop Front Spraying,

Project No.1 - Images

Project No.2 - Images