Buying and Selling a Property ?


First impressions count! The look is imperative when selling a property. When searching for a property, you will have a list of what you require; however, it is the overall image that initially captures you. The exterior and garden of a house create the initial impact; a dated looking property will most certainly have less appeal. The more desirable a home is, the more people are interested, and the more people are interested in your property, the more valuable it is!

We have worked with lots of renovators and ‘flippers’ who buy and sell properties. In some cases, they have purchased a property and then asked us to step in; to make the exterior look fabulous. They then sold the property for a higher amount — such a simple, lucrative investment.

We will advise and assist you in choosing the right colour scheme to add modern appeal and value. Spray painting the exterior, windows and doors of your property will add more than its own cost In value.

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When searching for your new home, it is so important to feel that you can live in that space immediately. Changing the exterior and spray painting windows and doors is a simple, cost-effective, quick fix that will allow you to put your stamp on your new home. Choose from thousands of colours or create a bespoke colour, whatever you decide we will assist you where ever possible.

we will ADD VALUE TO your Property!